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Social Media

FYI, Imperial Cars Southampton Ltd take no responsibility for the inevitable feelings of despair that will ensure upon reading this email…It’s just been revealed that one in every five minutes on a mobile phone is spent on Facebook. In fact, 46 minutes a day is spent on the social site.

46 minutes a day – even before taking into consideration time spent on the site from a computer.

You’ve got to laugh really – it is so blindingly obvious that we’re totally consumed by our newsfeeds, totally addicted to that little red notification thumbnail that it shouldn’t really come as any surprise.

But it has.

Some, upon hearing this have taken to boycotting the site in an attempt to prove it’s easy to break away from it.

Didn’t last long though – 20 mins was the abstinence record.

There’s a lot to be said for instant gratification – I personally love it – I’m sure you do too.

Imperial VIP Chauffeur

What an Executive needs from a car sevice

Your Executive does not really care about the inner workings of their business car service. What they do care about is the service being; reliable/on-time, discreet, with clean and consistent quality vehicles, and with the ability to be able to work productively whilst in transit.

Reliable / On-Time

Reliability can mean different things to different people. For the executive the bottom line on reliability is that the driver will be at the pick- up point on-time (on-time in this business is 10 minutes early – arriving at the pick-up time is late), know where they are going and the most efficient way to get there.


Many executives utilise a business car service so no one in the company is privy to what they are working on, whether it’s resolving a challenge or exploring a new business opportunity. The service affords the executive strict confidentiality and privacy. Comprehensively trained chauffeurs operate on a “speak when spoken to” code once the introduction and confirmation of the destination is completed. All drivers should be trained in professional etiquette, advanced driving skills and sign ‘Non Disclosure Agreements’.

Clean, Consistent Quality Vehicle

A clean vehicle is not an option; it is a matter of pride. It is the outward appearance of the chauffeur service’s attention to detail. A professional driver would be mortified to show up driving anything less than an impeccably presented vehicle. This is the industry standard, don’t settle for less.

Work While in Transit

Not having to drive or give directions to a driver frees up your executive to be productive. Utilising free, advanced 4G WiFi they can; converse with a client, look over a proposal, take a conference call, make a call, keep up with social media, email, text or simply relax.


What this all boils down to is expectation. When all the above expectations are met, everyone is satisfied. However, look for a ‘Business Car Service’ that is passionate about exceeding expectations and work tirelessly to do so each and every trip; a ‘Go-To company with a ‘Can-Do’ attitude!

Imperial VIP Chauffeur

Booking a car and driver for a business trip.

It sounds simple. All you have to do is book a car to Heathrow Airport, organise transfers on arrival at the foreign destination and then make sure they get to every meeting in their jam-packed itinerary without a hitch.

Organising the most appropriate ground transportation supplier for your company can be straightforward, but to get the best value and the best travel experience from your service provider, you need to find out a bit more information.

So to make sure your travellers have the smoothest ride possible choose the best supplier for your needs

Before choosing your ground transportation provider, think carefully about the services that you need. Consider everything from whether you need a short notice ‘on demand’ taxi or a pre-booked service to what geographical coverage you need. Are your passengers travelling within London, going on to Southampton or are they jetting off around the world?

Once that’s decided, you should think about what vehicles you need. How many people are travelling? Will there be a lot of luggage? These factors will all impact your vehicle choice.

Finally, consider the types of places where your passengers will be going. Will they need short transfers? Or will they want a personal chauffeur for the day so they can travel from meeting to meeting?

Answering all of these questions will help to pin down the best ground transport suppliers for your needs.

Getting value for money is important in the current economic climate when businesses are continually looking for ways to save money and get the best deal. Ultimately though, in ground transport, you get what you pay for and the cheapest service is rarely the best. It might be easy to choose the lowest price, but remember your company has a corporate responsibility to the person that’s travelling. Also, if someone misses a flight or is delayed for an important meeting, the cost implication could be much larger than paying a little bit more for high quality transport.

Whatever type of transfers you are booking Imperial Cars Southampton will be on hand to offer an appropriately priced solution.


Henley on Thames Royal Regatta 2014

Henley Royal Regatta returns again this year to Henley on Thames from the 2nd to the 6th June 2014

offering yet another great week of rowing as teams from across the country compete in possibly the most famous of British Regattas. The course was also host to the first Oxford v Cambridge race.

It is one of the few courses were the competitors are cheered from end to end. The event takes place in the quaint and picturesque town of Henley-on-Thames, just a short journey from London and the Cotswolds.

Imperial Cars Southampton are now taking bookings for each day of this great British Summer event.

stonehenge, wiltshire, South West England, uk

New £27m Stonehenge visitor centre now open.

Wed 18 Dec 2013 To Thu 18 Dec 2014

Imperial Cars Southampton taking Visitors to the historic site this year will be welcomed at a new visitor building, located 2.1km (1.5 miles) to the west of Stonehenge. For the first time ever at the site, they will be able to learn more about this complex monument in a stunning, museum-quality permanent exhibition curated by English Heritage experts. A 360-degree virtual, immersive experience will let visitors ‘stand in the stones’ before they enter a gallery presenting the facts and theories surrounding the monument through various displays and nearly 300 prehistoric artefacts.


The new visitor building, designed by leading practice Denton Corker Marshall is a low key structure featuring many enhancements over what is on offer now, including:

• an environmentally sensitive and fully accessible building with a high BREEAM rating (the industry standard assessment system for sustainable building design and construction). There are a number of green features such as an open loop ground source heating system, mixed mode ventilation and a treatment system for recycling grey water;
• dedicated education space;
• a bright and spacious café with indoor and outdoor seating for up to 260;
• a bigger shop;
• a visitors carpark with space for 500 vehicles and 30 coaches;
• ample toilets, including disabled toilets;
• a pre-booked timed ticket system to help minimise queues and avoid over-crowdedness at peak times; and
• new, downloadable and hand held free audio guides in 10 languages


Stonehenge will be managed through timed tickets and  Imperial Cars Southampton recommend that advance booking is strongly advisable. Online booking opens on 2 December at